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Basketball is a mental game, physical game as well. Improving mental toughness is key to improving performance in all areas of basic skills, including shooting. You need the confidence to shoot well: Being able to shoot under pressure distinguishes the best shot of the best. Direct relationship between confidence in shooting and success in shooting is the most consistent factor that we know the reliable fusiliers. Confident shooter controlling thoughts, feelings, and shooting techniques.
Is as important as confidence is an accurate shot, in which the required skills and positive thinking. Self-confidence or the mechanism is not enough. Success comes from the integration of mental and firing mechanism aspect.
If you think, if you talk to yourself. The conversation could be either positive or negative. A technique called positive self-talk can help you integrate the mental aspects of shooting and mechanism, accelerating the improvement of your shot. Positive self-talk uses key to success to improve performance.
Choose the words that can help you learn the correct mechanism, find the rhythm, and form a self-confident. Key words must be positive, concise and has a personality. Are positive words that you associate with a successful shot is called the "anchor" or a link. Select the words of your own link which can make you visualize your shot is successful, for example yes! net! face! whoosh! swish in! through!
Key words for the correct mechanism of the shots you mentioned the word "trigger". Examples of trigger words are:
Legs up-key or use your feet,
Hands-key to position his hands behind the ball,
Cath-the key to catch the ball in shooting position in one motion,
High-high to start your fire and avoid the low ball,
Front-to start your shot from the front and avoid the pitch,
In or side-to set the ball on the side to shoot with your elbows into,
Loose or front-to keep your shoulders relaxed and slightly forward,
Straight-to make your arms outstretched to the ring,
Up-key to a high arch,
Finger, one, or touch-key for the correct release of ball from the fingers of your hand, and
Through-the key to every part of your follow-through including shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers.

Find the two words is the trigger mechanism and a link to force said the success of the shoot. Sometimes a word can be a trigger and coherence. For example, through the word can mean a key trigger for the follow-through shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers and the word can also mean as the link when the ball comes into the ring.
Say your words in a rhythm, starting from when moving to shoot with your legs until you release the ball from your fingers. For example, if the legs and through the trigger words and yes you are the link, you can say in rhythm to your shot: legs-through-yes! It would be better if you say it out loud from the whisper to myself.
Say these words with the rhythm of your personal balance so that the shape and rhythm of your shot and improve the mechanism of your confidence. Give time for physical exercise and mental as well. Relax, mental exercise, say the key words you are in a rhythm, shouting in a rhythm password when you imagine firing the shot and saw the ball go into the ring.
Your objective is to reduce the mind and enhance awareness of automatic gunfire. The password is to help trigger your shot mechanics are automatically and a link will enforce the successful shots to help you improve self-confidence. When you are free to change both, one word triggers the goods once was enough. The possibility of a link word is needed to trigger an automatic action that your shots.

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