Jumat, 20 November 2009

SMA 11 Surabaya

coca cola cup event is inter-school soccer reply using the system in which every game Futsal using setangah field and 5 players including one 0rang guard gawang.di first coca cola cup is first performed and followed by some high school / vocational school in Surabaya, including high school 11 Surabaya juga.ajang know this very prestigious competition which is conducted by Coca-Cola itself, where we know that the coca-cola adalai h striker official sponsor for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

let's let the story straight in high school riot in the arena 11 Surabaya coca-cola cup 2009 ini.SMA 11 Surabaya itself has a pretty good player and good at ball menggocek green field, with Bondet driven by (6) as a striker who is a very hard kick and followed by players like cimol (5) as a captain with the mentally strong team leader, Rizki (11) young players this is a full-back is very tough and disciplined in maintaining the defense SMA 11 Surabaya, Surya (2) a wily striker of the ball and often meggocek destroy enemy defenses, Ropik is the last guard in the heart of SMA 11 Surabaya pertahana he is one of the best goalkeepers ever had SMA 11 Surabaya long period, with quick reflexes and the response of reading the game musuh.itulah core player High School Football Team 11 Surabaya, if they all are gladiators in the green fields around 11 high school fans Surabaya is mentally destroying opponents with yells pierce the very heart of their opponents, these fans who became the team's heart, if not they will all akanlah team struggle useless and dead.

in the coca-cola cup 2009 was 11 Surabaya affiliated high school in which 11 groups consisting of 1 Krian SMA, SMA 1 Mojokerto, Cita Hati SMA, and SMA 11 Surabaya own.

in the first game against KRIAN, SMA 11 Surabaya arrested oo draw with the score, this becomes a pretty hard game and tough, bondetpun caliber players failed to score a goal!
in the second game against mojokerto, SMA 11 Surabaya new show with menundukan mojokerto kehebatanya with two goals by solar and dicptakan rizki past two assists provided by Bondet.
in the last game of do or die fight against SMA Cita Hati expected to be a very exciting game, but the reality is not so because the high school massacre 11 Surabaya perlawana out of high school with a score Cita Hati fantatis enough of this 10-Bondet and 0.dipertandingan confirmed Cimol name on the scoreboard with a goal Hatrick!! and two goals from Surya and the rest dicipatakan by delivering Rizki.yang SMA 11 Surabaya stand firm dipapan klasmen Group 11.

But while melakoni last 16 of the SMA 11 Surabaya declared killed because they lack ID CARD pupuslah Supporter and SMA 11 Surabaya hopes to bring home the cup coca-cola ini.yang I certainly do not know who is wrong in cases like the players and officials ini.semua sad and disappointed team against other schools also are considered less supportive extra bola.saya especially in football did not know this truth and ill-fated high school also struggles Surabaya is only 11 so vain .............. ......

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