Jumat, 20 November 2009

Sweet beginning Didier Drogba in the Champions league this season

After missing the early action 3 champions league this season due to Didier Drogba protests at the referee Tom Henning Ovrebo in action semi-final against Barcelona last season, probably back Didier Drogba for a Chelsea goal machine, with 2 goals of Didier Drogba dilesakan against Atletico Madrid at the stadium Vicente Calderón ended with the score 2-2.

Didier Drogba goals created at minute 82 and 88 ith a very accurate header, but before the eyes should kemenagan wasted in vain because the target of Chelsea players Sergio Kun Aguero made a balanced score in the last minute free-kick action with sufficient accurate and hard rain mainstay goalie Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech.

2gol the dilesahkan with Didier Drogba makes his par with Nicolas Anelka and it also Saloumon Kalou.tidak player now turned it into the top 5 scores chelsea last season league champion this season ini.dan Didier Drogba keen to become Chelsea's top score along Didier Drogba masa.Maju ..................

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