Jumat, 20 November 2009

Call Ancelotti Embarrassing French Case

incidents in the city of Paris attracted many people, including Chelsea coach who joined itching to say.

Carlo Ancelotti, Chelsea coach, thinks the French controversial incident in qualifying yesterday arena football embarrassing.

Domenech squad gained their place in South Africa after Thierry Henry twice before doing the bait handsball completed by William Gallas, who stood free in front of goal Irish.

Goal is to destroy the hope that Ireland could open wide enough seteah Robbie Keane scored the equalizer. Aggregate results: 2-1 for France.

FIFA insists there will be no rematch for this fight, even though demand has emerged from various parties, and Ancelotti said FIFA must ensure that such incidents will not happen again.

Italian people are stating what happened has tarnished the name of football and of course detrimental Ireland. Who happened to also trained fellow Italian, Giovanni Trappatoni.

"I am very disappointed with what has happened. Something is sad for Ireland and also football as a whole" said Ancelotti.

"It is very important for football to avoid incidents like this happen again" he stated.

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