Jumat, 20 November 2009

Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers: Badai Cedera

chelsea ready to entertain Wolverhampton Wonderes in the Premier League continued to roll back this weekend.

The championship leader was in good position, good. Moreover, 1-0 victory over big-four rivals Manchester United before they cut off the international break yesterday, a remarkable capital to the blue of London.

5 points advantage they have today is an advantage. And if they can continue to use and stable, the chance to be the greater champion.

Wolves actually be on the other side of the pendulum. Last game, they in-Trashed 1-4 by Arsenal. And when the wound has not healed completely, Stamford Bridge and Chelsea was already waiting for them.

Ranking also like heaven to earth. While Chelsea was sitting comfortably on top of the league, Wolves stranded in second place. From below. The threat of a yo-yo team, a team which can only be one season in the Premier League, and then return to the Championship, the more open.

The only constraint for the home team: injuries. Carlo Ancelotti may be one of the many coaches who merutuk the international break yesterday, which marked the various parties play-offs and friendship.

John Terry and Frank Lampard are two last names that come in in a row after his return from injury of the task.

They were joined by Ashley Cole and Jose Bosingwa who had already been forced team doctors to rest on the sidelines.

The latest issue also mention Didier Drogba joined in this record. Injury he suffered in the face of United was quite severe and will make him miss some time.

This is clearly a setback for Ancelotti expects his team's consistency in the paw point by point. The whole team hope that can not be achieved, at least for a few weeks.

But Chelsea remain Chelsea.

They still have names like Nicolas Anelka, who became a hero to fight the French in two play-offs, Salomon Kalou, Deco, and a row of great players other.

Add another note they are very shiny cage this season. Any team would shudder at Chelsea entertained. Latest victim: the defending champion.

Wolves? It's hard to expect many surprises from this team. If two weeks ago, damage limitation effort they try to do when faced Arsenal failed miserably, this time they have to perform better.

The game will likely go on as usual when a team visited the Chelsea cage. Attacking host and attack. And the visitors survived. While waiting for a gap that may be created.

All the calculations in the paper point to one winner in this fight. Even the storms seemed to injury did not prevent the domination of the host.

But do not forget. This is football. And this is the Premier League. Anything can happen.

Party goals? Or a big surprise? Let's wait and see.

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