Senin, 23 November 2009

New Jupiter Z

in the near future yamaha motorcycles will launch a new type of search conducted bebek.menurut, yamaha motor bike is the latest generation of Jupiter Z.
display body looks more sporty with lekak-body curve which tegas.batok and lights for example. form of light like an owl's eyes tend to be firm and pointed, placed on the lower deck of two lights like lamps MX.perkiraan jupiter dikiri and this right is sein lights and city lights.
about the kitchen runway, yamaha engine capacity of 115cc with a bore x stroke ratio, 50 x 57.9 mm. This is the same figure as this data ZR.dari Vega looks new overstroke Jupiter. more after the torque to power in the middle and lower rounds.

for security sector precise motor ignition, is used as the shutter key bemagnet new motor when opening the back seat ini.untuk also relies on the new Z depan.jupiter key is available in 4 colors. green, red, blue and Peleg hitam.dengan two options are the bars or beam (CW).

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